Review: Floodpath: A Novel (Outlaw Road #2)

Floodpath: A Novel by Emily B. Martin
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When we left off in Sunshield, Veran Greenbrier had realized that Lark, the Sunshield Bandit, was actually Princess Moira, who had kidnapped from her family in Lumen Lake as a child, and Iano and Veran had successfully rescued a grievously injured Tamsin from her captors. But they are left with even more questions after these events. Who had Tamsin and Lark (for she refuses to be called Moira) kidnapped and why? Who is behind the undermining of Iano and Tamsin's efforts to stem the trafficking of children and young adults in Moquoia? Can Tamsin ever recover her voice sufficiently to be Ashoki again? Will Lark return to her family in Lumen Lake and will they be able to accept the life she was forced to live to survive?

In a gratifying conclusion to her Outlaw Road series, Emily B. Martin follows her four principal characters Veran, Lark, Tamsin, and Iano as they try to unravel the mystery that links these four people and the events, that span fifteen years in their lives, that brought them together. Told from the perspectives of Veran, Lark, and Tamsin in alternating chapters, Martin has done such deft work, from her handling of Veran's epilepsy to Tamsin's learning sign language and learning to use a printing press to overcome injuries that make writing painfully, to the complex and often dangerous politics of ending the exploitation of human lives. This duology is one that I can unhesitatingly recommend as one of my favorites in recent years.

The audiobook, narrated by Lauren Ezzo, Chelsea Stephens, and Matthew Frow was just as outstanding as the first novel, Sunshield.

I received a digital review copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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