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Review: What You Wish For

What You Wish For by Katherine Center
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(3.5 Stars bumped to 4 because of the topic)

In NY Times bestselling author Katherine Center's latest outing, we meet Samantha Casey, aka Sam, an elementary school librarian who has made a great life for herself in Galveston, Texas at the Kempner School. Before that she'd been at Andrews Prep in California. She left after coming to terms with an unrequited crush on a fellow faculty member, Duncan Carpenter. Duncan was a very colorful and fun character but Samantha thought he barely noticed her. After pet sitting for him and reading a notebook of his that was left lying out in the kitchen from cover to cover, Samantha decided that she needed to leave, in part because of feelings of embarrassment over what she'd done. It's now four years later and she lives in the carriage house of her school principal and his wife, Max and Babette Kempner, and she's become firmly ensconced in their lives. They love her and …

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