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Review: The Survivors

The Survivors by Jane Harper My rating: 4 of 5 stars Aussie author Jane Harper's fourth novel is a standalone mystery set in the fictional village of Evelyn Bay, Tasmania. The tightly-knit community was home to a tragedy over a decade before, when three young people, Finn, Toby, and Gabby died the day of a terrible storm. (While Finn and Toby drowned at sea, Gabby's death is a mystery, as her body was never found.) When Kieran Elliot returns to Evelyn Bay with his partner Mia and their baby Audrey, his primary purpose is to help his mother Verity move his father Brian to a home for those with dementia. But he is also facing a painful past in this small town, where everyone believes that his brother Finn and friend Toby died looking for him when he became stranded in dangerous caves along the Evelyn Bay shore as a high tide fatefully coincided with a historic storm. More than a few people including, he believes, his parents blame Kieran for what happened that day s

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