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Review: Calculated Risks (InCryptid #10)

Calculated Risks by Seanan McGuire My rating: 5 of 5 stars When we last saw Sarah Zellaby in  Imaginary Numbers,  (InCryptid #9), she had been kidnapped, and forced into what we can only hope was her final instar as a parasitic wasp, and was cranking out the math that  could  break our world, but trying her darndest  not  to break it. Antimony Price, her newly adopted brother James Smith, and her cousin Artie Harrington (who is the love of Sarah's life) were trying to save her. And they did! Great job... sort of. There was that part that they all ended up stranded in another dimension, along with the entire campus of Iowa State University, some students, some baby cuckoos (okay, one is thirteen and on the murderous cusp), a seemingly "good" cuckoo named Mark, and a whole bunch of cuckoos whose brains blew out and who are now shambling husks (do NOT call them zombies) wandering under an orange sky with flying centipedes and... um... Okay, some

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