Review: Whisper of the Tide

Whisper of the Tide Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolcser
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One of the things that I have enjoyed most about the Song of the Current series (thus far, because there will be more, right #Bloomsbury?) is that the route Caro Oresteia takes to find her destiny is not predictable and the series doesn't get mired in the usual YA tropes. Caro is a clever and spirited young woman, an adventurer striving to figure out what she wants to do with her life. When we pick up not long after where the first book in the series, Song of the Current ended, it is no surprise to find that Caro and Markus are each struggling to adjust to their new realities. Caro has been claimed by the Sea, not the River, like her wherryman Pa, and Markos, heir to the deposed Emparch, is now styled as "The Pretender" in the popular press (that would be the same press touting Caro as the "Rose of the Coast" and talking about their scandalous and declassé romance). As the wind fills the sails of the story it picks up speed- their relationship becomes a fractured muddle and Caro engages in a battle over free will with a capricious Sea. None of this goes predictably and occasionally there will be rocky shoals and the smashing of even the best-laid plans. Among the biggest surprises are enemies who become allies, and the actions of an inscrutable Goddess.

Whisper sees us back in Valonikos, with side trips to Iantiporos, Casteria, and a variety of other interesting and dangerous places. With beloved secondary characters Kenté (who deserves a book all her own!), Nereus, Tamaré along with complex villains like Diric and Araxis, Tolcser has succeeded in that rare balance of character development and fantasy worldbuilding.

This book was so enjoyable to read that I could hardly put it down. It is a breath of fresh sea air. In spite of its 400+ page length, I read it in less than a day. I'm looking forward to reading it again and would love to listen to an audiobook version like that of the first book, pleasantly narrated by Stephanie Willing. But #Bloomsbury I don't even see a pre-order for it and this book publishes in paper and eBook format next Tuesday, June 5! If you love a good adventure and love audiobooks, please join me in requesting this title in audiobook format: or by emailing Audible at:

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