Blogaversary Week, Day Two!

So here we are at day two of Blogaversary week and I was thinking of a bit of a scavenger hunt. But it's a hunt for something specific to YOU, reader.

I have a keywords topic search on my blog's sidebar. It looks like this:

For today's giveaway, I want you to find your favorite genre, click on it, look through the books that pop up and then tell me which book in that genre that I've reviewed in the past year that you'd want to win. Comment with that book title below, here on the blog, and I'll select a winner randomly. That winner will either get a paper or Kindle copy of the book, good for up to $20 on my purchasing the book from Amazon or Book Depository. That's right, I'll buy the winner the book they want most of those I've reviewed!

Hurry on Down! This giveaway closes in 24 hours from the time the post goes up! If you want an extra entry, follow Marzie's Reads on Twitter and then comment on my Tweet about this post. Get yet another entry if you retweet it. You can find the link to the Marzie's Reads' Twitter account over in the sidebar. →

Winning entry must be following Marzie's Reads on Facebook because that's how you'll contact me to give me your details.

Winner will be selected on Wednesday, July 18, after 9 AM EDT.

Books that have not been reviewed are entries that will be discarded.


  1. Replies
    1. A very interesting read. In some ways so different from Winter Tide.

    2. The Wicked Deep or Price Guide to the Occult!!!

  2. Sci-fi - "The Tea Master and the Detective" all the way.

  3. Sci-fi " The Calculating Stars". Been looking forward to that one since I read about it on months ago.

  4. I'd love Waking Gods. Thank you for the giveaway :)
    I'm @WordsThatStay1 on twitter :)


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