Review: The Echo Wife

 The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a contemplative and suspenseful novel of speculative fiction, Sarah Gailey has further
burnished their reputation as a writer who deals deftly with moral ambiguities.

Dr. Evelyn Caldwell is a woman hardened by her years of abuse and neglect as a child, and her marriage to Nathan Caldwell, a man who is both needy and jealous of Evelyn's research prowess. Evelyn is studying cloning. Cloning of humans. When Nathan steals her research, it isn't to try to out publish her, it is, shockingly, to try to create a better Evelyn, who is docile, obedient, and more submissive to him. Martine is everything that Nathan thinks he wants, including, shockingly, fertile. He leaves Evelyn to marry Martine and though it smarts, Evelyn is trying to recover when she receives an unexpected phone call from the quite pregnant Martine begging for her help. Nathan is dead. He tried to kill her and she defended herself, says Martine. The story of what Evelyn and the Echo Wife do is an interesting one, indeed.

Another wonderful novel from Sarah Gailey. They have a gift for writing complex female characters who aren't necessarily always likable but who are always fascinating. Full of quiet suspense and twisty turns, this novel is a short, diverting read.

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